Why is Online Video Marketing Important for Your Business?

Why is Online Video Marketing Important for Your Business

Online video marketing is important because a motion picture normally attracts us more than an intriguing novel or comic book based on the same story. This marketing style can touch the audience and can go along with the memory lane. It can evoke several feelings some of which are.

Trust –
Video has an effective way to clearly explain the purpose and it can bring a human touch in your brands. When people like you and ‘I’ appear in your video it gains the trust that can make a lot of difference.

Why is Online Video Marketing Important for Your Business

Curiosity –
Curiosity is the key so try to keep your content in shorter videos. Short video not only effectively conveys the message but also increases conversions of subscriptions. Always end your videos with a teaser about what to expect in the next video and/or a call-to-action link to a site with further details not shared in the video.

Why is Online Video Marketing Important for Your Business

Confidence is a contagious thing. Testimonials and feedbacks play important role in building confidence of your potential customers but text testimonial with a picture, name and location does not serve your purpose that effectively so better use a video testimonial. Your customers will identify themselves with the other person, which will result in better sales and growth.

Why is Online Video Marketing Important for Your BusinessAmusement-
It is always fun to watch video and various studies in past have proved that mostly video goes viral on the internet and social media. To make amusing videos one needs to be extremely creative (e.g. animated videos, funny videos). Add the right amount of creativity and humor into your video and that will soon increase your brand’s fan base.

Why is Online Video Marketing Important for Your Business

In today’s life where digital marketing is growing like anything here we can find that this is era of video that has a potential to go with the emotion of the customers. One thing is very important to remember that your video should be relevant for your niche customer and prospect. It is very important to know your customer and potential customers and then give them what they want and are looking for and are interested in.
Some facts and figures on video marketing

Why is Online Video Marketing Important for Your Business• About 50 million people in the U.S. now watch video on their mobile phones.
• Including video in an introductory email reduced the number of subscriber opt-outs by 75 percent.
• 85.1 percent of the U.S. Internet audience viewed online video in January 2014.
• Instagram has 200 million monthly active users.
• By the end of 2014, nearly one-quarter of U.S. smartphone users will sign into Instagram or share photos at least once per month.
• Users spend more time on Pinterest (1:17 minutes) or Tumblr (1:38 minutes) than on Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and Google+ combined.
• 63% of senior executives visited a vendor site after viewing a video.
• Videos on retail sites kept visitors an average of 2 minutes longer, converted 30% more and increased the average ticket sale by 13%.
• 68% of the top retailers now use video as part of their digital marketing strategy.
• An optimized video increases the chance of your brand being on the front page of a Google search engine result by 53 times!
• 85% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video.
There are a number of extremely popular video formats that are used nowadays to generate user engagement or increase brand visibility:
• Video testimonials
• Product demos
• About us videos
• Instructional videos
• Video tutorials
• Interviews
• Animated videos
• Creative videos with elements of humor
• Celebrities endorsing the brand



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