7 Steps to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

7 Steps to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

Are you considering the launch of a digital marketing campaign but not sure where to start? You might be promoting a new product or service, fundraising, or looking to increase exposure for your brand. In this article we’ll share with you the 7 steps to a successful digital marketing campaign.

1) It’s All About Your Audience

Your ability to understand your audience and provide them with value is fundamental to the success of your campaign. Whilst you may already have a strong understanding of your audience, it’s helpful to start by defining them in the context of your new campaign. This will ensure that you begin with the right mindset, ensuring your audience remain the focus throughout.

2) Develop a Strong Value Proposition

Your value proposition is key to launching a campaign that will ultimately resonate with your audience. It’s important to develop a clear answer as to how your offering provides your audience with value? What sensitivities does it appeal to? How will participants benefit in a way that matters to them? And, how does this tie in with your brand? If you can clearly articulate this you will have a strong foundation for a campaign your audience will respond to.

3) Set Clear Goals and Objectives

What would you like the campaign to achieve for your brand? Identifying clear goals at the outset will influence your creative and strategic ideas. This ensures your campaign has a focus and is the best way to optimise your potential return on marketing investment. If communicated effectively, clear goals will also unify teams working on the campaign, ensuring everyone has a shared vision and works towards the same goal.

4) Use Creativity to Develop a Contagious Idea

Here’s the part where you develop your contagious idea. Explore ideas in group sessions to benefit from the input of different minds and personalities. At the outset you’ll want to explore as many ideas as possible. As you hone in on your strongest idea, you’ll need to assess it’s suitability and likelihood of achieving your objectives. Why will the audience be interested in this particular idea? What will compel them to engage, interact and share it? Does your idea include a compelling interactive element? What incentive can you provide for your audience to participate?

5) Prepare a Campaign Strategy

The strategy of your campaign should focus on how you will achieve maximum audience reach and desired response. Since you’ve defined your audience in the context of your new campaign, you’ll be in a good position to determine the best platforms to reach them. Is Facebook the best platform for your message? Or perhaps you’re implementing a B2B campaign and a live event accompanied by a website and video will be more influential? Once you identify the most suitable platforms and media mix, you can look for brand ambassadors or key influencers that will help promote your campaign and maximise exposure. Gaining the involvement of influencers can be a powerful asset to your campaign.

6) Production and Launch – Getting it Right

You’re now in a good position to develop your campaign. What you produce in this phase can vary depending on the nature of your audience and the suitable channels you’ve identified. Choosing suitable partners is key to a successful production phase and critical factors here are usually timescale, team communication and quality. Ensure your partners understand your campaign and oversee the production carefully to ensure the highest possible quality of output. Whilst timescale can often be a critical factor, it’s also important to project manage this phase to ensure you’re on track for launch date.

7) Capture Audience Data and Analyse

It’s important to maximise the value of your campaign by ensuring you collect data from your audience. Develop a list to capture emails and build an audience that will invest in your brand in the future. Setting up analytics tools to monitor the impact of your campaign can help you measure success and understand how you’re brand has benefitted from the campaign. This will prove an invaluable exercise in determining your approach in the future. It will also inform you of the factors that have contributed to its success as well as possible areas for improvement.

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