Tips to Achieve Social Media Success for Your Brand

Tips to Achieve Social Media Success

Social Media Is Now A Commonplace Exercise In Brand Marketing Strategies. But How Can you be sure you’re Using Social Media Successfully As A Marketing Tool for Your Business? Here Are Our 8 Tips To Achieving And Maintaining A Successful Social Media Strategy.

1) Develop a Social Mindset

As the maxim goes, ‘be social don’t do social’. Remember that social media is about people. Consumers like you and I. Principles that apply in social situations, also apply in your interactions online. Be interested in others, their thoughts and opinions, and their experiences with your brand. Adopting this approach will help you build meaningful conversations, loyal friends, and derive more value from social media for your purpose.

Furthermore, make it part of your aim to take interactions offline by arranging to meet individuals in person. This will be a true testament to how ‘social’ your campaign proves to be. If you can establish real life encounters with your target audience you’ll develop a greater understanding of them, bringing you closer to your goals.

2) Use a Suitable Approach For The Medium

A key element to consider is that being social involves a two-way dialogue. As a means of communication, social media is similar to a telephone, where two-way conversation can be facilitated. A common mistake is to use social media as a platform to broadcast messages to a large audience. However, effective social media marketing includes dialogue, not broadcasting. Remember, ‘think telephone, not megaphone’.

3) Why are you Here and Why Should People Engage With You?

This is paramount. Having a good reason to use social media will enable you to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Without this your social endeavors will be aimless or worse, counterproductive.

Whilst you might be clear why you need to use social media, it might not be apparent to others why they should interact with you. Because the social media landscape is busy, there may be plenty of others like you. So ask yourself ‘why should people interact with me?’

This is where creativity can be your best friend. Perhaps you can launch an exciting campaign, a competition, an insightful research program, or even give away free prizes. Show interest in others and give them a reason why they should be interested in you.

4) Find your Audience: Establish Your Suitable Platforms & Tools

With so many social platforms, where do you start? This really depends on you and your brand. If your brand sells products to consumers (B2C), you might find that your customers are on platforms such as Facebook, Foursquare and Pinterest. Or if your brand is a B2B service provider, maybe your mix will include LinkedIn and Twitter.

Identifying this list will include some research on your part. Don’t think you must be limited to the big 5 social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare). There are many social platforms that may be of more or equal relevance to you and your customers.

5) Prepare Your Social Media Strategy & Roadmap

Once you’ve done your research and have the basics underway, you’re ready to work on your strategy. Have you decided how much time you can allocate to social media marketing? What will your campaign involve? Why should others be interested? Have you set out your goals?

Say for example, you have an event in 2 months time and you need to attract delegates. You’ll need to be creative if you think social media will help you achieve your aim. Your strategy may involve a relevant topic for your digital content supported by a mix of blogging, tweeting, Facebook promotions and advertising. Recruiting an influencer within your target market may also help, by instigating discussions on twitter based upon your digital content.

Once you have a strategy in place, allocating targets for marketing activities can keep you on track. For example, your social media KPI’s may include 25 tweets, 1 blog post, and 10 likes on Facebook each day.

Finally, you’ll also want a roadmap. This will help you visualise your destination, see yourself achieving your targets and plan the route you need to take to get there. Most importantly, a social media roadmap will allow you to make necessary adjustments to your strategy along the way.

6) Listen To Your Market And Most Importantly, Your Customers!

Social media can provide a valuable and varied means of gathering insight into your market place. You can learn more about your customers and find out what they’re saying about you. The key is to listen carefully. Listening will allow you to derive many valuable insights about your brand. Take heed of what you hear and adjust your brand, products or services accordingly. This should enable you to cater more precisely to your customers based on direct insights from interactions surrounding your campaign.

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A good way to invite the opportunity for you to learn more is by asking questions. Asking questions will ensure you’re in ‘telephone’ mode, promoting dialogue and debate. In turn you’ll be a lot nearer to learning more about how to achieve your goals and improve your brand along the way.

7) Foster: Choose Your Relationships and Invest In Them

Whatever your chosen goals may be you should have a clear idea about the type of relationships that will help you achieve them. The purpose of your campaign is to find those individuals that will help you further your cause and influence them. It’s a good practice to picture your target audience. What age group do they fit within? What are their tastes? Are they male or female? Do they have families?

It can be helpful to write a brief profile. Consider their interests and how their interaction with you may benefit their personal goals too. Whilst you have this clearly in mind, it will help you to build your social media campaign strategy around them. Once your target audience has a reason to interact with you, you can foster relationships that offer value to both parties.

8) Measure Your Progress against Set Goals and Adjust

Remember to take stock during your campaigns. Maintaining focus on your goals and keeping an eye on your targets will keep you on the road to success. As with all plans, unexpected events may occur and you’ll need to adapt. Revisiting and adjusting your plan accordingly will ensure that you overcome challenges without compromising your goals.

*Source :- Frontdigital


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